For many people when they think of their life story, it starts at the beginning, where they grew up – it starts with a specific place. And that’s the thing about our memories; they are connected to places. Storytelling with maps takes you back to that place. So I ask you “What maps would your life story include?”

The memories of the Lozeron Family have always been rooted toward the family property where eleven children grew up. Click here to see other maps that tell their story of finding a homestead. I especially love the map where their travels, first by train and then by foot are clearly shown. Maps create visually compelling and memorable stories.

One of my best friends from childhood died this week – too young, too soon. I created a map of my childhood neighborhood earlier this year and shared it with her. It had been a while since we had connected but our memories are linked together. Life and death are also like that – linked together.

Maple Leaf Adventures certainly knows how important maps are, both for navigational purposes and for triggering memory. For the past five years we’ve worked together to create travel story booklets that guest’s treasure. The maps are intricately linked to their memory of a trip of a lifetime.

Have you had the pleasure of staying at Yellow Point Lodge? The connection people have to that place is profound and it’s not just about the abundant meals! The guest maps are taken home and kept as a strong memento of a very special place.

So, I ask you again, what maps would your life story include? Make a list. Start with all the places you’ve lived and then add all the places you’ve travelled. I can help you visualize that list. Have fun with this. 

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