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“Each of us is a vital thread in another person’s tapestry.
Our lives are woven together for a reason.”

– author unknown

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Celebrating JP’s Life

Celebrating JP’s Life

Suddenly I no longer had a brother who lived nearby. Earlier this year my younger brother JP died. A current of shock and grief pulsed through my body - followed by action. There were things to be done, and decisions to be made. Would we have a traditional church...

Instructions for Living a Life

Instructions for Living a Life

Have you heard of Mary Oliver? In my humble opinion she is one of the best poets who ever lived. Why? Because she sees the possibilities and vulnerabilities of life in a way that speaks to me and many of her fans. I offer one of her excellent writings that, given my...

I gave away some of my best friends last weekend.

I gave away some of my best friends last weekend.

I gave away some of my best friends last weekend and now I regret it. I’ve had a visceral response to this clearing out of ‘things’. Lately there has been purging going on at my house and I’ve heard maybe at yours too. It’s been over two years since I’ve stopped...