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Inside every person – and every business – is a collection of stories and memories. We draw them out of you creating a visually engaging Visual Life Story that is deeply meaningful and creates a legacy and connection between generations.

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Personal Life Stories

It’s easy for stories to get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. You might think your friends and family know your stories, but they probably don’t know the half of it! Personal Life Stories are a way to honour a life’s journey, leaving a legacy of story.

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Business Life Stories

Are you celebrating a milestone anniversary or the expansion or pivot of your business? Use your story to highlight your incredible journey. We specialise in Family Business Stories where generations have built success together.

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Celebration Booklets – Mini Life Stories

Celebrate the important milestones in life – Significant Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Retirement, Birth or Death. Combine a condensed story and photographs together creating an affordable, memorable and meaningful memento to share. 

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A visual summary of a presentation that incorporates key messages with simple graphic metaphors. Sketchnotes are a powerful way to help people recall and reinforce wise words that has been shared with them.


Deborah LeFrank

Deborah LeFrank

Memory Collector

After over 30 years as a successful landscape architect, Deborah began combining her passions for design, organization and journaling. It started with the realization that her father’s stories would be lost if they weren’t recorded in some way. Deborah gave him the gift of a lifetime, a Visual Life Story, and made him feel unforgettable. It was a powerful moment. Deborah’s new career was born.

Suzanne DuQuesnay

Suzanne DuQuesnay

Graphic Designer

As a professionally trained designer, Suzanne
uses her 20+ years of design experience,
technical knowledge with an artful eye,
to create legacy stories that blend personal narrative and compelling imagery.
With the client’s personality always in mind, these Visual Life Stories come alive on the page.

MaryLou Wakefield

MaryLou Wakefield


MaryLou has been gathering and telling stories for more than 30 years. She brings a keen ear and ample curiosity to her skill at interviewing and ascribes to the craft of ‘show don’t tell’ in her writing. She holds the belief that we are the stories we tell.

Create a Legacy of a Lifetime.

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As Memory Collectors, we love sharing stories and tips about how to collect precious life memories. 
Why talking about end-of-life matters

Why talking about end-of-life matters

Grandmothers are often smart and insightful women. For Dr. Robert McDermid, an ICU doc and hospital administrator, it was his grandmother who taught him what being a doctor truly meant. It was her last lesson of life. As she lay on her death bed, she opened her eyes,...

Celebrating JP’s Life

Celebrating JP’s Life

Suddenly I no longer had a brother who lived nearby. Earlier this year my younger brother JP died. A current of shock and grief pulsed through my body - followed by action. There were things to be done, and decisions to be made. Would we have a traditional church...

The legacy of a family business

The legacy of a family business

A business starts with an idea, identifying a need and bringing/building a skillset to match. When you introduce family dynamics to the equation, keeping the momentum and success going for 100 years through four generations is a notable achievement and most definitely...

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