“Ideas, not art.”

– Mike Rhode, pioneer of Sketchnotes

In Studio

Sketchnotes, done in the studio, of recorded presentations (audio or video) provide an opportunity to create a visual summary that has the luxury of listening first before drawing and therefore knowing where the story line will flow. This results in a more concise and engaging graphic.

Do you have an idea you want to communicate in an innovative way?

Live Recordings

Live Sketchnotes are done in ‘real’ time at events such as conferences. As the speaker starts talking, a blank page becomes a collection of drawings and key messages. Sketchnotes work well for strategic planning or brainstorming sessions.

Do you think your speakers would appreciate a sketchnote of their presentation as a take away gift?

“You do such great work. I’m honoured to see my quotes and image in your art.”

– Chris Guillebeau

“Deborah really captured the essence of my talk…she’s tremendously talented and deserves a ton of accolades for her work.”

– Mike Vardy

Create a Legacy of a Lifetime.

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