“Ideas, not art.”

– Mike Rhode, pioneer of Sketchnotes

In Studio

Sketchnotes, done in the studio, of recorded presentations (audio or video) provide an opportunity to create a visual summary that has the luxury of listening first before drawing and therefore knowing where the story line will flow. This results in a more concise and engaging graphic.

Do you have an idea you want to communicate in an innovative way?

guy felicella sketchnote
“Simply amazing!”

– Guy Felicella

Live Recordings

Live Sketchnotes are done in ‘real’ time at events such as conferences. As the speaker starts talking, a blank page becomes a collection of drawings and key messages. Sketchnotes work well for strategic planning or brainstorming sessions.

Do you think your speakers would appreciate a sketchnote of their presentation as a take away gift?

“You do such great work. I’m honoured to see my quotes and image in your art.”

– Chris Guillebeau

“Deborah really captured the essence of my talk…she’s tremendously talented and deserves a ton of accolades for her work.”

– Mike Vardy

Create a Legacy of a Lifetime.

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