Okay so how many times this week did you hear “Stay At Home” or “These are unprecedented times”? I imagine you’ve likely heard this many, many times. 

Our lives are evolving as we maneuver our way through this Covid crisis, getting less scheduled and more house bound. For many people, the present moment is really quite stressful. 

In a small way, I’d like to offer you some relief from the present crisis. I want to give you an opportunity to take a journey down your memory river. I can help you navigate with instructions and an Interactive Time Line.

Doing a Time Line for memories is one of the first steps on the Immortality Quest which has four stages, Unearth, Distill, Visualize and Immortalize.

The image above shows the top part of the Time Line with details on what goes in the columns and an example from my own life. You can see this is not a detailed document. Your Time Line becomes briefing notes for future storytelling and is really quite fun to do. 

The interactive pdf has many blank pages in case you are ‘mature’ like me and decide to do your whole life but of course you can also focus on just one time frame such as your early years. 

This is also a great way to connect with older family members that perhaps you can’t visit right now. Get them on the phone and ask questions. You can fill out the document for them or send it to them and work together to fill in some of the highlights of their life. 

Click on the link here to see an introductory video from yours truly and then begin your journey down the memory river. I’d love it if you would share this with someone you know who has talked about documenting their life. 

So, take your mind off the crisis and remember stories from the past, relive past experiences and enjoy your trip down the memory river. Of course, if you need some help, please do contact me. Take good care everyone. 

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