The more life memories we collect using visual storytelling, the more I see the self-care that happens in the process. Above are some of Bob’s final thoughts about his legacy story and they show how much love and gratitude came through his journey of telling his story. Self-care through visual storytelling is a rewarding gift when you’ve travelled down the memory river.

Seeing the connections that happen over the course of a life time are an opportunity for self-care, an opportunity to be kind to ourselves.

This is something I talked about recently on a podcast hosted by Morgane Michael. Her focus is on gathering educational leaders to talk about the mobilizing power of kindness. It was a huge pleasure to be a guest on the KindSight 101 podcast.

You can listen via itunes or simplecast.  It’s episode #68 – Self-Care through Visual Storytelling and because there is a focus on educators, I also talk about creating Sketchnotes. Hope you enjoy it. There are many excellent interviews here and I highly recommend subscribing to the series. Hint – it’s not just for educators J

Is there someone in your life who could use a reminder of the value of their life? I would be honoured to be their guide as we take a trip down the memory river. Let’s talk.

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