According to Encyclopedia BritannicaImmortality is defined as, “The indefinite continuation of the mental, spiritual, or physical existence of individual human beings.” In my humble opinion this definition defines the result of the work we do here at Visual Life Stories; it is your loved one’s memories immortalized for generations to cherish.

It was such an honour to help Bob achieve his version of immortality. For six months we talked on the phone as he shared memories of his very full life. It began in rural Prince Edward Island and included four beautiful daughters from two different mothers, a successful military career as an ammunition specialist, and the development of the first Canadian UXO clearance company.

Enman sharing PEI memories immortalizedWe can help you achieve immortality by unearthing stories and memories to celebrate the vibrancy and journey of your life. The result is a distilled visual chronicle – a cherished legacy for today and for future generations.

Last July Bob passed away, the day after his 79th birthday. He knew his final day was near and wrote precious messages to each of his daughter’s in his life story book. As he gave them each a copy, he reinforced his love for them while immortalizing his life and stories within their memories. You can have a look at a few more pages from Bob’s story.

Earlier this year I heard about Arne Sahlen who is documenting the life of his mother Edyta. It’s a story of adventure and in the process he’s learning things that he never knew. You can read about it here. He wants to make sure that she is unforgettable.

Living a full life is not a small event, it takes time and effort. It makes sense that collecting your memories is a significant undertaking too, a big task. This is why most people don’t do it, but this is where we can help.

Are you ready to begin the Immortality Quest where we Unearth, Distill, Visualize and Immortalize your life story or the life story of someone you love? Let’s talk.

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