When creating a visual family tree we take information from a routine spreadsheet and bring it to life. Family trees are often a part of our visual stories, a link between past and present generations.

I’m excited to be doing a workshop at the annual Victoria Family History Conference coming up March 1 & 2. Check out the long list of workshops available at this FREE event. The folks putting this on are very deep into genealogy research and I’m excited to show some new ways to visualize this information.

This family tree captures how everyone in the Smith family looked a couple of years ago. It will be fun to update it every few years to see how everyone grows and matures. Having a series of family trees with photos is yet another type of memory collecting. There are so many, many ways to collect your memories. Here is another family tree we created.

I recently spoke at the Inspired Living Summit and will be sharing some of the tips I talked about over the next few newsletters. Stay tuned. If you enjoy this visual newsletter I would be so grateful it you would
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I am definitely passionate about helping regular extraordinary people (like you), collect stories and create legacies for future generations – while you enjoy sharing stories now. If you or someone you know has a story to tell, please send me an email and let’s set up a time to talk.

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