Challenging times we live in don’t you think? And yet I firmly believe that Hope is Better than Fear. One key ingredient to help build and maintain your hope is to be Inspired.

On February 9, 2019, there will definitely be more hope than fear in the room. Inspired Summit brings together 13 speakers who “will inspire and empower participants to taking concrete actions toward achieving their goals.” Hosted by David Knapp Fisher, this is sure to be a kick ass or perhaps a kick you in the ass kind of event to get you going!

I’m thrilled to be one of the speakers. As you can probably imagine I will be talking about my passion for Memory Collecting. The mind is a magical place when it comes to memory. It’s incredible what people will remember when they take the time to journey there. Life is an adventure, in the present moment and when telling stories to relive it.

While at Inspired Summit, I’ll be collecting memories “live” in the moment. I’m going to listen to the wisdom and inspiration and create a visual record. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Join us at Inspired Summit. Want more information or have a memory you are ready to turn into a visual story? Send me a note and let’s talk.

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