Do you think the New Year starts in September? I know for quite a few people it feels that way. Kids are back to school with new routines, it’s an opportunity for personal goal setting like a fresh start to a fitness routine, maybe time to learn a new skill (hey I’ve got a class for you!).

Every year in September I celebrate the start of a new year by reviewing and setting goals. My little poster of ideas from the previous year goes up on the wall and I take a good long look. It’s gratifying to see things I’ve dreamed of and accomplished. I also find it interesting to see what didn’t get done because that in itself is a decision made.

Lately I’ve been reading a fascinating book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown. He is all about the pursuit of doing ‘the right things’, in order to make choices that allow us to channel our energies and efforts to make the highest contribution. The timing of reading this with my New Year review has been perfect.

Essentialism personal goal setting

One of my goals for this year is – to make more people feel unforgettable. By sharing life stories; helping people collect their personal memories or the memories of someone they cherish, I know I’m making a significant contribution.

Where do you feel like you make your best contributions? Do you do any goal setting every year and if yes, when? I’d love to know how other people channel their energy and focus.

A side note – sure wish I had heard about this upcoming SketchKon conference earlier in the year. I can tell by the conference promo it will be super fun and that the folks putting it on have been laser focussed with their energy. If you go, please tell me all about it!

Back to personal goal setting. Have you ever thought that you would love to help someone in your life tell their life story? Download our free Magic Questions to help start that conversation.

If you need any other help, I’d be happy to chat about it.

One goal I set earlier this year was to row in the World Championships in Coastal Rowing. So excited that this big competition is coming up in a couple of weeks!

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