Do you agree with this quote? I sure do. Just think about how limiting our conversations would be without storytelling and cherished memories being a central part of the narrative. Memories bind us to who we are and where we are now in life. And yes, some memories do define us.

When you collect your memories you get to decide what stories to share, and what narrative describes you. That doesn’t mean you make shit up so you sound more amazing than you already are!

Imagine someone reading your story 50 years from now. Most definitely the world will be different than it is today, just like 50 years ago life was very, very different. Hearing people’s stories over my years of collecting memories has been fascinating. Your memories will make a compelling story, a legacy that your loved ones and others will cherish.

Step 3 of three steps cherished memories

The third and final step once you’ve collected your memories and gathered images is to pull it altogether. What does this look like for you? There are a variety of options from creating books to posters to digital stories that you may choose.

If you decide to make a book, there are numerous online resources for bookmaking that include Blurb. You can also create a visual story poster. I created this memory quote using a free online graphics program called Canva. It is definitely worth checking out.  Apple computer users can easily create calendars and books within iPhoto.

Of course if you need any support pulling your story together, we can help. This image is from a page of our “Three steps to collecting memories” booklet. Send me a note if you would like to receive a copy.

I talked about Step One and Step Two in previous blog posts. Check them out and get inspired! Start collecting your memories or the stories from someone you love and admire. It’s fun and remember, you are creating a legacy for future generations.

I love this quote – Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun. – Mary Lou Cook

Thanks for following along and sharing my passion for memory collecting with your friends. I know I’m not alone. Do you know someone who is digging around and has gathered a pile of information? Perhaps I can help them create a beautiful visual story.

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