Think about one of your memories, any one memory. At some point in the remembering, my guess is that you will connect your memory to a place. This is the root of Map a Memory.

When you think about it, pretty much every memory is rooted to a place and since we are BIG on visuals over here that translates into a map of some kind. By the way, maps can be anything such as the Lozeron family farm shown above. You can see here how this map fits into the whole visual story we did.

One of the best things about stepping back from my landscape architectural career is I now have time to execute ideas that have been percolating for a while. I’ve been asked many times if I will be teaching people how to create their own visual life stories. The answer to that question has been – Yes, followed by the next question – When? I am excited to announce that I am developing a series of workshops called Map a Memory.

Based on the workshops, I will be developing on-line programs/modules. My first workshop series will focus on collecting the memories from your earliest childhood neighbourhood. I recommend you think about your neighbourhood from your elementary school years. Here’s an example of mine.

For information on the workshops, click here. The workshops are small groups (maximum 4 people) and will be held in my beautiful studio in rural Saanich (only 12 minutes from downtown Victoria). If you have any questions, please send them my way.

Photo Hero memory map I had the most delightful experience last week. I’ve been wanting to get some of my old slides digitized and had been putting it off for years. The time had come to find a way to get this done. Enter Photo Hero! Ian Mathieson pulled into the driveway in his deluxe scan mobile and I handed him my big box of binders and carousels. In what seemed like a very short period of time, he was handing me a usb stick with all my images on it. So easy, so efficient. Highly recommend this service. If you’re nice he will give you a tour of the scan van where you can stand on the pink cushioned mat on the floor. My Photo Hero is efficient and ergonomically smart.

In the last blog, I suggested taking out a pen and paper to list all the places you have lived. I gave myself the challenge of doing this too. I’ve lived in 19 different homes! I was surprised since I didn’t think I was someone who had moved around much but seems I’m wrong. Did you do this exercise? Does your number beat mine? If yes, then you are also part nomad. I want to know how many. Please share.

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