If you’ve been following along this visual journey, you will know that I love to share my ideas aka – give my advice. I share advice on how to collect your memories, how to record your stories, how to gather visual graphics, etc. etc. Well it seems that I haven’t been taking my own advice.

Yes, I have collected memories and created beautiful calendars as our children grew up, and yes, I do love to create precious travel journals, but I haven’t really taken my own advice about collecting the story of my life. In particular the early years of my life. That is about to change.

Deborah cheers - milestone birthdayOn December 17th, I celebrated a milestone birthday and had a wonderful time drinking prosecco with friends while wearing this gorgeous crown. Must admit, I was surprised at how much I loved wearing that crown!

This past summer I was inspired by a book called The Second Half of Life, Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom by Angeles Arrien. One of the practices that Angeles encourages is, to recognize your birth date every month, for a year.

I’ve decided this is a genius idea and I am going to do it. Not every month will be an amazing party with a crown (though I may put it on every month).

One thing I am definitely going to do each month is, take one hour to start recording my own life story. I’ll start at the beginning and talk into my Voice Record app, remembering different stories and collecting the memory details. Like many people I worry that I won’t remember, however, I’ve taken enough people through this process to know that once I start down the memory river, details that I haven’t thought about in decades, will emerge.

I encourage you to take up this exercise. Whatever day of the month your birth date lands on, take a little bit of time, and recall your journey. Pull out a recording device (every smart phone has one), and start talking. You will be amazed at what you remember. One tip is to close your eyes and visualize being back there while you talk.

It’s the beginning of a new year, and I’ve been actively using my bullet journal. This system is a fantastic place to collect day to day movements, goals and plans, the multitude of brain waves and details that come your way. If you search bullet journal you will be amazed at how people are using this system. And you can put your birth date on your calendar so you won’t forget to recognize it.

Thanks for following along and sharing with your friends. Some people say I’m obsessed with memory collecting, which is probably true but heck life is short, life is happening. How are you going to remember it? Take my advice (ha), and start recording your stories.

Need some help getting started, check out our magic questions or send me a note. Happy 2018 to you and yours.

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