Summertime and the living is easy. Such a great cliché but I just had to use it. I attempted to sing that song this past week as I lay in sick bay with shingles on my face. Yuck. But it did give me time to catch up on some summer reading. I thought I would share some of my must read books.

While watching a podcast with Marie Forleo and Arianna Huffington a few years ago I heard of the book Thrive. This sketchnote of the interview kept the book and it’s ideas alive in my mind.

Arianna advocates adding a Third Metric (beyond power and money), to our definition of a successful life. Living a life focussed on Well–Being, Wisdom and Wonder doesn’t need to be complicated. Her suggestions are realistic and achievable. I think you will find you are likely already doing some of this. It’s called taking care of yourself. I highly recommend this book, it is very well researched and written. It definitely captured my attention.

I often read a few different books at the same time. Do you do this too? The Second Half of Life, Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom by Angeles Arrien is very compelling. According to her the second half of life starts at 37. Seems like I might be well on my way. Each gate is explained as a threshold that we pass through, sometimes multiple times as we experience different stages in life. There are reflections, questions and things to practice as you explore each gate. How fascinating to bring awareness to life’s transitions and passages through the various gates.

I’m not concerned about trending on social media so this book is kind of an unusual one for my reading list. Sure I love it when people are engaged with my blog posts. I certainly appreciated the love that came my way recently when I sent out a public service announcement on facebook about getting the shingles vaccine (do it). What I love about this little book, #Untrending by Vicki McLeod is how often she talks about disconnecting from your device and being with yourself and others. Take a digital detox. You will benefit an enormous amount. And when you get back on social media, be real.

The Reason You Walk must read booksThe Reason You Walk by Wab Kinew. This book is on my “still to read” shelf so I don’t have a review just yet but I do love the fact that I recently looked at it on the ferry and then a few days later was given it as a gift. Part of the magic of synchronicity that Arianna talks about.

by Sanford Osler. This is another book I haven’t read yet but will be doing so by the end of the summer. With it being Canada’s 150th it’s important to me to strengthen and add to my understanding of our cultural history and I think these two books will help.

I hope you will share with me what you’re reading. As you will know, I take sketchnotes of presentations I’ve heard. I also write down quotes from books I’ve read. How do you remember the wisdom that flows your way? Taking sketchnotes can really help. Check out this past blog post about doing them including a link to the Sketchnote Handbook.

Let me know if you need help capturing stories that are part of your world.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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