I’ve talked in the past about collecting the memories of your life, and for many people in particular entrepreneurs, their business is quite integrated with their life. So why not tell the history of your company? I can think of three good reasons:

  1. You are proud of your business history and journey.  You have important stories and memories to share such as: capturing the story of how your ideas evolved, where the changes and successes were, or how your personal values are wound into your business.
  2. Training new staff about day to day tasks likely doesn’t include the history of how your business got to where it is now. Sharing the history of your business helps staff understand the journey and your values.
  3. Inevitably key members of your team retire. People who have contributed to your business success. Businesses often look for ways to acknowledge the efforts of important staff members. I have an idea. Once you have the memories of your business history collected, it is easy to add a page with their specific contributions. Giving a retiring staff member a copy of your business history personalized with highlights of their story, their contributions, will show them how much they meant to the success of the company.

A few years before I started my Visual Life Stories company, I created some graphic charts to explain my landscape architectural design process. It isn’t exactly a business history but it’s another example of a business journey. Studies have shown that this kind of visual storytelling increases comprehension and retention. They are a great learning tool.

This past week I was working with a company called Pro Float Inc. With them talking and me drawing, together we captured the story of their business journey. Now we will  present selections of their story in a creative marketing booklet. We will use their story to help their potential clients connect with their business in a personal way.

The folks at Pro Float build spacious float cabins. Have you heard of floating? Imagine having a nap while being suspended in warm buoyant water. I am super excited to check out a float tank soon.

SLow Food Salt Spring Island telling your business storySpeaking of floating, be sure this summer to take time to slow down and enjoy some slow food with friends and family. I’m very glad I created this little graphic image about our delicious meal on Salt Spring Island especially since our friends no longer have their little cabin on the lake. This collected memory will keep that place alive in my heart and mind.

How many times have you heard someone say, it’s all about the stories? Do you have a business that you are proud of? Or do you know someone who has an interesting business story? We would love to help you tell it.

I’m celebrating another milestone. This is my 50th blog post! I enjoy sharing my visual stories with you and really appreciate you following along. Thanks so much and see you next month.

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