Picture this. You are standing on the deck of a small ship when a whale breaks through the watery surface and splashes back with magnificent bravado. Your heart starts pounding. The experience is truly amazing and you swear you will never forget it.

Another season of adventure has begun at Maple Leaf Adventures. Their two ships have set off with dynamic crews on-board. We are delighted to continue working with this award winning company collecting travel memories. The on-board crew always includes a captain, first mate, deckhand, naturalist (informing you about the natural environment, wildlife, landscape and culture) as well as an excellent chef. This passionate crew of five provides all the support and details needed for the 8-10 guests on the ship to truly have the “trip of a lifetime”.

Visual Life Stories is part of the land based crew working with Maple Leaf Adventures. For a selection of their tours, we create a Travel Story Booklet that includes key memories from their grand adventure. Dramatic photos, watercolour sketches and the travel route taken, are combined with stories of the amazing wildlife and environment explored. The image above is a selection from the 9” x 33” double-sided accordion booklets we created for one of their Alaskan adventures. The booklet is a treasured memento, easily shared and displayed. Our travel stories collect the memories of these incredible adventures so that the guests never forget what they witnessed and experienced. This detailed keepsake helps people relive their experience through visual stories.

carmel eckerIt takes a crew to sail a ship and it takes a crew to create our Visual Life Stories. I am proud to have Carmel Ecker as one of my crew. As a graphic communicator, Carmel blends images and story to create a compelling narrative. As a journalist, she developed a deep love for telling human interest stories. Add her graphic design skills and the results are stories in a visually stunning format.

Working as a crew is also essential in the sport of rowing. You have to synchronize your movements with your crewmates. In a world of individuals, it is challenging to remove your ego and focus your attention on the whole.

Head of Charles 2012 Carmel EckerI discovered rowing 14 years ago and haven’t looked back (well that is not entirely true because rowing sculls require you to look back over your shoulder, a lot). It’s an amazing sport for your mental and physical wellbeing. Victoria City Rowing Club offers introduction to rowing classes. These athlete pathways  help people visualize where they might be on their own rowing journey. Do you see a place for yourself on this path?

The crew at Visual Life Stories are passionate about visual storytelling. Do you have a story you want to share or a memory you want to collect? We can help. Thank you for following along and if you are so inspired, please share this graphic example of how we help keep memories alive.

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