Like many people, especially small business people, productivity is a concern. I have a lot on my to do list every week. For years I tried various systems to keep track of what needed to be done and when, with life being such a big full entity, things overlapped from business to personal to family. There were just too many places where I was collecting information, too many little pieces of paper or notes on my phone.

I needed a new system…enter the Bullet Journal developed by Ryder Carroll. It is completely customizable and helps me keep track of all the bits and pieces going on. Of course I have other systems in place that aren’t analog but having this as a central collecting place really works for me. It seems like it’s a system working for many other people because if you search for Bullet Journal you will find a whole world of people using this system. Here is a link to just one of those. Must admit, some people spend a bit too much time making their journals beautiful. I need mine to work for me.

standing desk productivityAnother key tool for helping me be productive is my standing desk. I love it. I don’t stand all day but I don’t sit all day either. should you nap productivityRaising and lowering the desk is simple and it was easy to install. Pull it out of the box, and put it on top of my existing desk. Voila. I have a nice thick pad to stand on too. If you spend time at a computer, I highly recommend checking this out.

And finally my other secret weapon for productivity. I nap. Most days. Twenty minutes. Usually around 2:30 so if you call and I’m not in…well I might be horizontal but I’ll be back soon totally refreshed with a cup of tea in hand. Arianna Huffington is a big fan of napping and created this fun graphic to help you decide if you should take that time for yourself. It’s amazing how much better I feel after. And no, I don’t fall asleep, I just rest. I’ve been doing this for years and years. It works!

I’d love to know how you keep productive. How do you keep track of what you need to do each day, week, month, year? Are you part of the nap revolution?

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