I’ve been on a hiking holiday in a beautiful part of British Colombia called Cathedral Lakes. Everyday we headed out to explore the alpine meadows and vistas. But what does that have to do with the title of my newsletter?

Well, while I’ve been away playing, another member of my team, virtual assistant Heidi Kuster has been working on some projects for me. Maybe that doesn’t sound so unique to you but I’ve only met Heidi once and that was almost a year after we started working together. Her business is called In Your Corner.

I dream up administrative projects and as a full service virtual assistant Heidi gets them done. I know she can help me with much more than I’m currently tasking her with but that’s another story about business growth and delegation.

The answer to the question “What the heck is a Virtual Assistant?” is best handled by Heidi herself.

Hiking stories administrative assistantA virtual assistant (VA) is an administrative assistant hired on a contractual basis who has the ability to do your office work remotely. They have their own office, equipment and skill-set to take care of office tasks that were taking over your schedule. VA’s are already trained so the time you invest with them is minimal – instead you can focus much more time on the profit-centres of your business such actively building your client base and servicing existing clients. They provide an instant solution to your office overload. As business owners themselves, their accountability and dependability is self-motivated, whereas finding accountability and dependability in employees can be challenging.

If you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant, I suggest you contact Heidi and she will be happy to discuss how to choose a VA and what to expect.

In the world of business, having a strong team with you makes all the difference. I shared a story a few months ago about Briony Penn a talented artist and writer who is part of team VLS. Look for stories about other team members in the future. Every one of them is independently creative and brilliant in my opinion. 🙂

Building a new business has been challenging and extremely rewarding. I’m into my fourth year now as a Graphic Journalist + Memory Collector and feel a tremendous satisfaction with how
Visual Life Stories has grown and become known.

The best feeling of all is knowing how many memories have been collected and saved from the vagaries of time. Our Visual Life Stories in their digital and printed form preserve messages for future generations. Knowing that we’ve helped people immortalize their memories feels amazing.

Thank you for being part of my journey. If you’re looking to collect some memories, whether personal, travel or business, I’d love to help.Let’s go for coffee and I can put some visual life stories in your hands so you can see the memories that have been collected.

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