I woke up last Sunday morning and declared, “I am a truck driver”. With this new story in my head, I knew I’d be just fine driving an almost 30’ long moving van through the streets of downtown Vancouver. The day before I was stressed, worried and fearful. Sunday I was telling myself a different story.

Being faced with uncertainty often illicit’s a strong emotion and all too often that can be fear. Clemens Rettich takes the idea – fear of success and tosses it out, calling it crap. It’s the fear of the moment before success that is the real issue.

What about the fear of failure? This engaging video by Ira Glass talks about the hard work creatives (and others) need to do in order to get over that fear. It’s called – keep going.

Mint Success-Stories-VLS Mint Success-Stories-VLSAsking for help can be an essential part of dealing with fear. After too many bumpy months trying to develop my logo and website I engaged the services of Mint Marketing. I’m feeling pretty stoked to be part of their success stories.

Already working on my “different” story for my next potential stressful event, presenting May 11th at a seminar at the Chicago Botanic Garden on Gardens that Heal. The stage will be shared with distinguished scholars and landscape architectural practitioners. As a “seasoned professional” I’ll be speaking about a number of the therapeutic gardens that I’ve designed. And yes I will have a bit of fear but that can almost be motivating, super charged even.

What causes you fear? If it’s anything to do with making sure stories or memories that you’re passionate about get preserved, maybe I can help.

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