I am striving to live like an astronaut.  Not just any astronaut but like Chris Hadfield. I highly recommend this book by a remarkable human and engaging writer.

It’s full of insights surrounded by great stories.  What a life he has lead, chocker block full of challenges. Sound familiar? For most of us life can be challenging. I know life has thrown me a few curve balls. Some of Chris’s philosophies for life really hit home for me.

Have Fun. Have Attitude.

The odds of him actually becoming an astronaut were incredibly remote but nonetheless he had that goal.  It was going to be a long journey and he was absolutely determined to have fun along the way. Not hanging your self worth, happiness, and professional identity on a goal opens up the world to you.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Focus on the little details, that way you are fully prepared. Over prepare. That way you can calm fears and relax with clear focus on the moment you are in. Imagine the possibilities.

What’s the Next Thing that Could Kill Me?

This one hit close to home for me having nearly died in a car crash when I was a hitchhiking 14 year old. Keep a sharp eye on what’s going on around you. Always anticipate. With that level of attention comes heightened alertness and clarity.

Be A Zero

That’s right. Be the person who approaches their task competently and fully prepared. When you focus on being a zero you fit in. Being a minus one means that others need to make sure you’re okay so you can do your job.  I’m aiming for zero.  Every once in awhile I’m a plus one.

I finished my three word focus task mentioned in my last post. I do find life is full of synchronicity especially when I realized that my chosen words fit pretty well with Chris Hadfield’s book.

2 Chris Hadfield - An Astronauts Guide to the Life on Earth connections clarity accomplishmentClarity. Connections. Accomplish.  Have you done the exercise yet?  I’d love to know what your words are. Please send me a note.

These three focus words really came together this past weekend when I participated in a fabulous storytelling workshop put on by the very talented Deborah Williams. Deb is the keeper of The Flame a storytelling event that happens in Vancouver and Victoria.  Learning to tell a story in front of an audience is very fun and very terrifying.

On Monday night as I stood on the small lobby stage at the Belfry I had clarity, had made some wonderful connections and when the story was done, felt enormous accomplishment. So far 2016 is looking up up up.

3 Font Examples 1 Clarity Connections AccomplishmentOne last thing.  In past blog articles I’ve talked about creating your own font. Who knew that on Saturday, January 23rd it is National Handwriting Day.  How great is that!  In honour of this, the folks at YourFonts.com have a special offer and you can create your own font for less than a cup of coffee.  Use the code CPN4NHD2016 when prompted. It’s a one day offer. Here is an example of my three fonts including the latest – Brush Caps.

Have you got a story that you tell that you’d like turned into a visual story?  Let’s chat about it.

I do love the way Deb Williams signs off on her emails and will steal it for today…

Tend the fire.
Deborah LeFrank

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