I love this message so much that I’ve used it for the last two years on my seasonal card. Who knows? It could become my annual wish just for you. And why not, it’s great!

For me, this time of year is about getting together, sharing stories and celebrating often.

The best part of the season is where we make the effort to connect and give each other time followed by a hug which in my opinion are significantly more important than gifts 🙂

2 Grant Leier count your blessingsThe author of this lovely message is Grant Leier, a fabulous artist here on Vancouver Island. This photo is a snippet of a painting that hangs in our dining room. It is visually and emotionally delicious don’t you think? Put Grant’s name into your favourite search engine and then click on Images. I think you will be delighted with the wide array of colorful and meaningful artwork.

Are you looking for a great book to give someone this year? Perhaps someone who might be a shy artist.

3 Creative LicenseBL Year End 2015 - count your blessingsDanny Gregory is a huge inspiration to many people. He gives you permission to be the artist that you truly are. What a great statement. Have a look at his drawings, they are not perfect illustrations but are all full of life.

So you might think his life is always full of joy but it’s not true. He lost the love of his life a few years ago and I can only imagine it must have been a painful journey. I marvel at his bold and vibrant images. Danny has numerous books. Another one I love is Everyday Matters. He is definitely a guy who exemplifies Counting your Blessings and Celebrating Often.

One of the best parts of my job is listening to people’s stories. There are often stories of family traditions, the things that connect people from their past to the present. Collecting these memories ensures that the traditions from past generations get reinforced. And as the next generation reflects, they keep that connection to the past with an inevitable new twist. I am a seasoned listener and would Love to know about your family traditions.

Enjoy the season of Christmas, the season of coming together to Count Your Blessings, and remember to Celebrate Often. I would love to hear what you count as your blessings. I count you among mine!

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