Who is sitting around your table as the season of gathering begins? Family reunions can be fun and stressful. They are often memorable in some way. It’s something about the quirks of those very personal relationships that can spark as the wine and time flow.

The graphic above remembers a week spent with family. We did and saw so many different things I didn’t want to forget. These little snippets of story help me remember a special time from the best snack to games played to quotes from the book I was reading. Each nugget brings back vivid memories.

Collecting your memories from gatherings, from reunions can be as easy as drawing a table shape and putting the names of people around it. I like to add the menu in the middle since I’m a big fan of good food. And food always tasted better when shared with people. An example of this is here.

Cooking is relaxing for me, especially if I don’t have a deadline. This book is full of healthy and yummy recipes making time in the kitchen a joy. One of the best things about having a gathering is the chance to try out new recipes. Some people say you should try and make it ahead of time and be sure. I say, go for it. Your clan will love you even if the sausages did turn into presto logs (yes that did happen).

I love the way Mama’s handwriting has been incorporated into this book with great tips of how to make your meals simply delicious.

I talked about making your own font a few months ago

I’m excited to be working on a new font this month. More brush lettering but this time all caps.

Mama says…. you should try and make your own font, it’s easy.


Our friends in the US are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, my favourite holiday. It’s so great to remember what’s important in life and be grateful for it. Even though here in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving in October, I am going to be thankful again and again. It is part of my daily practice.

I suspect I’m not alone, but I’m starting to think about Christmas.  Finding something meaningful and wonderful for special people can be a challenge.   If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind present, contact me and I can help you collect the memories from a favourite family event for an extraordinary gift.


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