How would you like others to remember you?

How do you honour the legacy of your loved ones?

I recently heard about Daniel Mermoud a master craftsmen and model ship builder. In the last 50+ years he has created 61 ships of various sizes and historical pedigree.  Check out this website / book about many of these fine specimens.  Such incredible detail, truly a legacy.

There are great examples of personal legacies in the world.Think about all the things that people get PASSIONATE about – writing, painting, journalling, building, hiking, cooking, sailing, travelling, working, LIVING – the list of things is endless and utterly fascinating to me.  What a world we live in… many places and things to do and discover. WOW.

Sheila Waters is a master calligrapher and author of one of the best books on hand lettering called Foundations of Calligraphy. Her skill and talent for sharing through teaching is legendary. An article in her home town paper talks abour her life’s work, her legacy.

For many people their definition of a legacy includes their precious children.  I am thrilled to contribute two wonderful children to the planet.  Growing up in beautiful Victoria, BC, there are many places to explore. I created annual calendars (hand drawn, lettered and stencilled) to highlight our family adventures.  They have become a bit of my personal legacy.  These calendars were the early start to my Visual Life Stories journey.


The Oxford dictionary defines legacy as “something handed down by a predecessor”.  No offense to Oxford but an updated description worthy of what it takes to create a legacy is needed.

Brenda Taylor is a double gold medal Olympic rower who shares her passion for rowing and healthy living with a large community at the Victoria City Rowing Club.  Her daughter is an up and coming rower in the club.  That to me is legacy.  We were thrilled to help Brenda’s story be honoured.

Graphic Journalist Tip – Photographs are a huge resource for sketching from or including in a visual story.  Be sure to have your camera ready.  Look through boxes or on screens to find images that help you tell a story. Old photos add an incredible authenticity to  hand/digital art work and can very easily be retouched and enhanced.

Do you know someone who has created a legacy?  For many people their stories are their legacy, passing down tales from days gone by. At Visual Life Stories we love helping people collect their memories. Check out our free download of our favourite questions – our 17 Magic Questions.

Creating a legacy isn’t a one day task, so get going and leave a trail of something beautiful and meaningful.

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