It’s interesting to hear the choice of words used when a career journey ends. Maybe its the “tire” in Retirement that I find kind of tiring. It’s so much more positive to focus on Accomplishment!

The end or transition in a career journey is an important milestone and worthy of recognition and celebration. When Susan a committed team member and leader was ready to move along her career path it was an opportunity for her work community to acknowledge the many contributions she had made – to celebrate her accomplishments!

Most visual life stories include interviews with the person who the story is about but that doesn’t always happen. In this case colleagues working with Susan gathered information and sent it to me from Vancouver via email. I never met them and I never met her but I definitely wanted to be sure to honour her career.

This visual story of her work/life history was an accordion booklet presented at her retirement party. Susan was deeply touched by the recognition of her contributions. Many people work hard and strive to make a difference in the world. When these efforts are recognized, it is a huge honour.  To know that our work is appreciated, isn’t that something we strive for?  I love this article about why appreciation matters so much.

For someone like me in the “Freedom 85” program the concept of retiring is completely foreign. I’ve got my own pension plan built up from years of saving but I love having projects that challenge me, that get me up in the morning to learn something new. I know that if I retire I will have more time for coffee dates and volunteering but I balance my life right now, so I can do those things now. So…..why retire?  If you’ve got some good reasons, let me know.

One thing people think about after retiring is having more time to travel. If travelling is on your agenda (retired or not) then what about savouring those memories in a travel journal.  Come join me this summer at beautiful Pearson College at the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. On the June 27-28 weekend, I will be sharing my passion for travel journalling. I’ve shared a few other travel stories on my blog so if you want to peek.

Found this great video about using my favourite Faber Castell Pitt Pens.  What an inspiring guy to draw everyday while on the go.

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