Earlier this year, business students from 12 Western Canadian Universities gathered for JDC West, a weekend of meeting, competing and connecting culminating in a Dragons Den style “pitch your best idea” competition. They were given 3 hours to develop a product or service to satisfy a potential investor in the energy sector.

I created a template to use to sketchnote the impressive presentations from each university. Every 40 minutes a new team stepped up to share their vision including design, delivery and financial details. It was a great example of what people can do when they are given business tools to articulate an entrepreneurial idea. Clearly these universities are doing a great job.

Last spring I decided to take a business education leap and signed up for BSchool. It’s an eight week online program that provides anyone with an idea (or a desire to develop one), the tools to take it from light bulb moment to reality. It’s fun hard work and there is a global community to tap into. Tons of wisdom on business and life.  Plus once you sign up for BSchool, you can do it again every year it’s offered.  Love that.  If you’re interested check it out because this years program starts March 9th.

Marie Forleo is the beautiful soul and brains behind BSchool and the bright smile on Marie TV, a weekly video blog. I’ve done sketch notes of a few of her episodes this year. Love this one from late January with the focus on productivity. What’s urgent vs what’s important. As Steven Pressfield says “You must do what’s important first. What’s important is the work.”

It takes some practise to learn to do sketchnotes but if you’re looking to learn, the Sketchnote Handbook should be open on your desk. Mike Rodhe (and everyone in the Sketchnote Army) want you to try your hand at visual note taking.

Creating a visual story, a sketchnote helps me remember the message and from the feedback I’ve received, it helps other people remember the messages too.

Do you have information you want to share with other people?  Let us know if we can help you share your message or story.

With yet another favourite pen in hand,   Deborah


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