Getting important messages across to employees is pretty darned challenging. There is so much competition for their attention.

A local grocery store chain, well known for their exceptional customer service, struggled to get their busy employees to read the story about what they had planned for the coming year.  The traditional glossy photo and text brochure wasn’t grabbing their attention anymore.

The communications team decided it was time to capitalize on the reality that the majority (60+%) of people are visual learners.  Even though they are definitely a very corporate business they wanted to reach people in a way that was friendly, innovative and approachable.

Combining excellent messaging with visual elements and graphic hierachy has helped to make this annual communication tool a success for the past two years.  Their messages are sticking.
Made to Stick
Chip and Dan Heath have written a fantastic book called Made to Stick that summarizes the key elements needed to make a message, an idea – stick.

They outline the key components to SUCCESsSimplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotional, Stories.

In business and life, we want our stories, our messages heard and remembered.  This is pretty challenging in a world where competition for attention surrounds us.

Visual story telling can help reinforce the stickiness of your message by adding a human touch.  What does a successful message look like to you?

I’ve got my favourite pen ready!


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