At an early age Leah fell in love with bicycling and the love affair continues today.  This passion for cycling has shaped her values, her lifestyle and influenced personal choices.

This visual story chronicles the first 50 years of Leah’s cycling life.  Do you know someone who has a life long passion worth celebrating? Or perhaps they too have reached a milestone birthday.

For many people telling their personal story can be an emotional experience. At Visual Life Stories, we give our full attention to the storyteller creating a respectful environment for them to share their story without interruption.

We seek out details from the storyteller by asking questions that encourage reflection. Looking at photographs can spark a story thread.  Though Leah’s story doesn’t include photos, we can easily incorporate them.

Collecting memories involves paying attention to the details and a key detail is making sure the person telling the story feels safe and comfortable. If they are, then they will be motivated to share their personal story. And soon we are on our way to creating a legacy for now and future generations.

As loved ones age, their stories can fade and with their passing, the stories may be lost. We can work with you to gather those stories and collect the memories in a variety of ways.

Audio and video recordings combine brilliantly with our visual stories.  Links to the audio/video files can be embedded into the digital version of the visual story.  Incorporating these methods combines the best of all mediums.

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person?  Join us at Panorama Recreation for our six week course called Create Your Own Visual Life Story.  Using our tools and methodologies, you can reach out into your family and community and become a memory collector.  Hope to see you there.


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