Collecting Memories People Love to See.

Inside every person – and every business – is a collection of stories and memories. We draw them out of you creating a visually engaging Visual Life Story that is deeply meaningful and creates a legacy and connection between generations.

Personal Life Stories

It’s easy for stories to get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. You might think your friends and family know your stories, but they probably don’t know the half of it! Personal Life Stories are a way to honour a life’s journey, leaving a legacy of story.

Business Life Stories

A Business Life Story expresses the heart of your business journey. Use your story to enlighten  new employees, celebrate retiring staff and remember the incredible journey that brought your business to where it is today.


A visual summary of a presentation that incorporates key words and phrases with simple graphic metaphors. When shared, sketchnotes are a powerful way to help people recall and reinforce key messages and wisdom.


All obit-books start with a “heart crafted” obituary that is combined with photos to create an accordion fold booklet to share with family and friends. By re-purposing the obituary, we offer an affordable and memorable keepsake with minimal effort. 

Map a Memory

Every memory is rooted to a place so let’s start with a map. Map a Memory is a series of fun and engaging exercises divided into modules from specific times in your life. This life map is a story you can share now and with future generations.


Deborah LeFrank

Deborah LeFrank

Graphic Journalist and Memory Collector

Deborah is a graphic journalist, memory collector and passionate chronicler of life in the form of journals and visual records – a pioneer of the Visual Life Story. Each visual story is a precious legacy. When she’s not journaling she can often be found in a rowing scull.

Carmel Ecker

Carmel Ecker

Graphic Communicator

As a writer and graphic designer, Carmel artfully blends images and story to create compelling narratives for both individuals and businesses. As a journalist, she developed a deep love for telling human interest stories. Add her graphic design skills and the results are stories in a visually stunning format.

Briony Penn

Briony Penn

Artist and Writer

Briony has been recording stories with pen and ink in words and images all her life. The plants and animals of each place climb, grow or fly into the narrative making every story come alive in more ways than one.

Let us take you on a journey down the memory river.

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Visual Storytelling with Defined Focus

Visual Storytelling with Defined Focus

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It’s September – Happy New Year!

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Collecting stories people love to see!

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