Casual Style – Mini Life Story Template
Contemporary Style – Mini Life Story Template
Formal Style – Mini Life Story Template
Cost for Mini Life Story Templates

Our templates are the most cost effective way to create a unique tribute to your Meaningful Memory. While the look and feel is based on a template, the story and the images you supply make this booklet as one-of-a-kind as the journey you are celebrating

$375. includes 50 copies + one edit review.


Cost for Custom Mini Life Story

A custom designed Mini Life Story will reflect the style and personality of the story focus. The story you provide will provide the basis of the story. Additional details and images can be added to create a beautiful and meaningful memento.

$495. includes 50 copies + two edit review

Additional Booklets  cost $2.15 per booklet

Taxes are extra. Delivery is included if part of the original order. 


Create a Legacy of a Lifetime.