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“One thing that spurred me on to do a Legacy Book was the great sadness and gap that the family felt in not having a Legacy Book from my husband George. He had had such an interesting life but never made time to write down his stories. This was maybe one thing that pushed me to ‘get the job done’ – and to respond quickly to your ideas and the next steps.
The rewarding part of the journey was the way we were able to work as such a good team, using our various talents and experiences, filling in the various steps between us, and being on the same wavelength for most of it. I can’t thank you enough!”

– Jane Vincent-Havelka

Comments Jane received from her friends and family who spent time reading the book:

“The book is beautiful—loved the story and photos. So much to appreciate; it’s a lifetime, your life, my life, and my father’s. Deborah obviously worked with empathy, sympathy, and compassion. You were so lucky to find someone to help.” -Rory

“Appreciated reading lots of stories and comments about Dad, especially since so many stories got lost when he didn’t put his own book together.” – Nick

“Certainly worth the 18 months of work….it is a treasure!” – Jackie

“The whole book is a work of art.” -Beth

“I had known that you have led, and continue to lead, an extraordinary life but had no idea just how extraordinary!” -Lala

“Mum showed me your book—I was completely blown away by it—the photography, the way it was written and put together with the content were all incredible. Utterly first class.” -Jamie

“Anyone would enjoy this book. It’s wonderful for grandchildren and is a heritage book.” -Gill

“Interested in reading about some desperate times between travels. How did you have the courage to do the travels?” -Leslie

“Technical aspects of the book are superb – the quotes, pictures, boxes, the way it was put together is very, very good.” – Bob

“It is so compelling! Appreciated the vulnerability and candour which brings a stronger response from a reader. This is a generational heirloom.” -Mike

“Found the layout so conducive to reading and understanding your life. So lucky to find the right editor and graphic illustrator to work with you, and their enthusiasm. More people should attempt to do something similar as a legacy” -Mike and Sayra

Create a Legacy of a Lifetime.