How Might We book cover
Dan Buchner has been using Design Thinking methodologies  for his entire career and he has gathered a wealth of experience about how it has made a difference in organisations. As a educator/trainer of Design Thinking, Dan saw a need for a book to help keep these innovative ideas alive. ‘How Might We’ is a standard phrase used by people who advocate for using Design Thinking in their organizations.

This book is based on real life stories of Dan’s experience and provides inspiration to people to continue their efforts to improve how we look at problems in the world. It has been a fun project – drawing the icons and help building a visually engaging book that can be used as a working document. Dan envisions this book holding a permanent place on many desks of Design Thinkers. We are excited to see if come to print and this will be our first book that is for publication and global distribution. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Create a Legacy of a Lifetime.