Map a Memory

“Good memories are like charms. Each one is special. You collect them one by one
until one day, you look back and discover they make a long, colourful bracelet.”

– author unknown


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Visualize Your Family Tree

Visualize Your Family Tree

When creating a visual family tree we take information from a routine spreadsheet and bring it to life. Family trees are often a part of our visual stories, a link between past and present generations. I’m excited to be doing a workshop at the annual Victoria Family...

Hope is Better than Fear – Be Inspired

Hope is Better than Fear – Be Inspired

Challenging times we live in don’t you think? And yet I firmly believe that Hope is Better than Fear. One key ingredient to help build and maintain your hope is to be Inspired. On February 9, 2019, there will definitely be more hope than fear in the room. Inspired...

How to get a Storyteller talking?

How to get a Storyteller talking?

It can be hard to encourage someone, even a natural storyteller to share their stories especially when they think they won’t remember or if some of the stories might be a bit painful. Getting a storyteller started can often be the challenging...