Map a Memory

“Good memories are like charms. Each one is special. You collect them one by one
until one day, you look back and discover they make a long, colourful bracelet.”

– author unknown


Join us on your journey to Map a Memory. With fun exercises, the river of memories will flow easily with delightful details, creating a legacy story for you to share.

Each accessible module is designed to be complete unto itself. This enables you to complete one module and come away with a beautiful collected memory. You can put a number of modules together and voila – you’ve created a Life Map.

Coming soon…

We are excited to be developing Map A Memory into a series of on-line courses. Come back in a few months or better yet, join our visual newsletter community and get the details as soon as they are announced. We are excited to spread the memory collecting love.

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It’s September – Happy New Year!

It’s September – Happy New Year!

Do you think the New Year starts in September? I know for quite a few people it feels that way. Kids are back to school with new routines, it’s an opportunity for personal goal setting like a fresh start to a fitness routine, maybe time to learn a new skill (hey I’ve...

What does bearing witness mean?

What does bearing witness mean?

When Bob told me stories of his time in the Middle East, I felt like we were both experiencing the feeling of bearing witness. For me it was in my role as Memory Collector, listening for and encouraging his story. Bob’s role as a Peace Keeper could certainly be...

Tips for celebrating milestones, like a 150th birthday for instance

Tips for celebrating milestones, like a 150th birthday for instance

For the past 25 years a gaggle of friends has gathered on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. It all started when dear friends invited us on their honeymoon. The cabins along the shore at Pacific Sands were the perfect venue to strengthen our relationships with each other...