Map a Memory

“Good memories are like charms. Each one is special. You collect them one by one
until one day, you look back and discover they make a long, colourful bracelet.”

– author unknown


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A New Year – time to reflect and renew

A New Year – time to reflect and renew

I know you’ve heard it before. The new year is a great time to reflect back on the past and set new goals. I love reflecting back to the places or experiences I’ve had over the past year. Leading an introduction to travel journaling workshop in Hatley Castle was a...

It’s September – Happy New Year!

It’s September – Happy New Year!

Do you think the New Year starts in September? I know for quite a few people it feels that way. Kids are back to school with new routines, it’s an opportunity for personal goal setting like a fresh start to a fitness routine, maybe time to learn a new skill (hey I’ve...

How to get a Storyteller talking?

How to get a Storyteller talking?

It can be hard to encourage someone, even a natural storyteller to share their stories especially when they think they won’t remember or if some of the stories might be a bit painful. Getting a storyteller started can often be the challenging...