Personal Life Stories

“Each of us is a vital thread in another person’s tapestry.
Our lives are woven together for a reason.”

– author unknown

Full Life Stories

Visual Life Story booklets are full of stories, photos, maps, sketches and memories from a life well lived.

How will you remember and collect important memories?


Focus Stories

Often told in their own words and comp lemented with many images, people love re-living their significant memories.

Is there a special event or accomplishment that you want to remember forever?

Travel Stories

We love working with travel tour companies to create customized travel stories for their guests.

Do you create once in a lifetime experiences for people?

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We love sharing stories and our Visual Blog is full of tips about how to collect those precious life memories.
Do you talk to yourself? Tell your story

Do you talk to yourself? Tell your story

I occasionally talk to myself, do you? I’m telling myself my story. Okay maybe you’re thinking I’m one of those people that walk around having a running conversation with myself - nope that’s not me. I actually make a date to talk to myself. I’m sure this is starting...

Living In The Moment – On The Brink Of Everything

Living In The Moment – On The Brink Of Everything

A few years ago I went on a extraordinary trip to Haida Gwaii with Maple Leaf Adventures. We were all about living in the moment. While walking in a dense rainforest, someone in our group recited this beautiful quote by e.e.cummings. It truly was ‘most the amazing...