“That’s what life is all about: remembering someone and smiling.”

– Minnie Pearl

Obit-Book Templates

We have Obit-Books templates ready to incorporate an obituary plus a selection of photographs, creating an accessible and meaningful way to honour a loved one. The obit-book templates can easily incorporate a funeral/celebration of life program on the back cover.


Every human being is unique, and for many people a template is not what reflects who they are. We can create a custom designed obit-book that incorporates an individual’s personality and style. Obit-books help people commemorate their loved one’s life with a memorable, affordable and unique keepsake.

“This is a treasure that family and friends will enjoy for years as we remember the life of a man who inspired so many. Thank you for the passion, kindness and loving support that you demonstrated throughout our painful journey. It will always be appreciated.”

– Allan Lamb

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Adventures vs Work – Sharing memories

Adventures vs Work – Sharing memories

We recently finished a story about a fellow who died far too young at 52, but holy smokes had he lived a full and adventurous life! The final book is 132 pages long full of sharing memories and is divided into 9 chapters. Like most life stories, it starts with the...

Have you heard of Nature Bathing?

It’s a practise in Japan called shinrin-yoku. At its core, Nature Bathing is about fully being in nature - absorbing or bathing in the atmosphere through your senses. Opening up to the sight, smells, sound, taste and touch of the forest. That means unplugging...

What landscape do you carry in your memory?

What landscape do you carry in your memory?

“There are places I remember, all my life though some have changed.” This Beatles song really hits the mark because we all carry places and landscapes in our memory bank. Preserving memories like these are my passion. For some people memories of place help them get...